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The Institute of Physics Belgrade currently employs around 300 people. Of these 120 are senior researchers, 80 are doctoral and post-doctoral students, 50 are employed in our spin-off companies, and 50 make up IPB’s technical and administrative staff. From 2014, director of IPB is Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević.

IPB researchers make up 1% of Serbia’s research sector, producing roughly 10% of the country’s scientific output. IPB leads Serbian participation in international projects and collaborations. The immediate benefit of this collaboration is a high degree of researcher mobility (particularly for younger researchers and students). The majority of these international collaborations are within the European Research Area (ERA) or with key international research centers such as CERN. IPB has successfully used its participation in international projects During the last ten years IPB has become a focal point for reintegration of experts from Serbia’s Diaspora.

Since 2006 four IPB centers have been recognized as EU Centers of Excellence. This success spearheaded Serbia’s accession to associated country status in FP7 (2007), change of the law on science to incorporate National centers of excellence (IPB currently four of a total of seven such centers of excellence), the start of the IPB-led National supercomputing initiative (2008), increased funding from national sources for competitive scientific infrastructures. This success has also positively impacted Serbia’s return to CERN membership (2013).

IPB’s four centers of excellence employ roughly 75% of all of our researchers and doctoral students and define our institution’s primary areas of expertise:

  • Center for complex systems
  • Center for non-equilibrium processes
  • Center for solid state and new materials
  • Center for photonics


Substantial additional expertise comes from researchers working in laboratories in high-energy physics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, and environmental physics, all of which benefit from extensive and growing international collaborations (European Lidar Network, ATLAS and SHINE collaborations at CERN, European synchrotron facility SOLEIL)
Activities related to technology transfer, metrology and certification, and various forms of sponsored research are conducted throughout IPB. Commercialization, on the other hand, is principally conducted through a host of IPB spin-off companies. The two largest ones are SENZOR-INFIZ (applications of optical sensors and laser ranging) and MTT-INFIZ (application of microwave technology to radar systems).

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