The Institute of Physics Belgrade tries to actively promote an atmosphere of an ambitious institution made up of ambitious individuals working towards a set of common, challenging, and socially worthwhile goals. In the realization of these goals IPB does not put any upper limits on the possibilities offered its researchers, students and staff.

Improve people’s lives through preeminent research, education and creative endeavor.

Aspire to become recognized internationally as an institution that imagines and influences the future.

We put before ourselves the overarching objective to become a world-class center for advanced sciences and technology, and to achieve this in the next ten years. This ambitious ten-year plan will be made possible through realizing the following strategic objectives:

  • Create and help commercialize new technologies to enhance Serbia’s economic development.
  • Establish and nurture a reputation of a global partner of choice in selected areas of R&D.
  • Generate wider societal benefit for Serbia and the region through leveraging IPB knowhow and expertise.
  • Establish a sound financial and organizational basis for operations and sustainability.


The above mission, vision and objectives are the result of the joint effort of IPB management, colleagues from our Strategic Growth Unit, as well as of a team of experts from the World Bank. Principle strategic decissions were made on the basis of a detailed analysis of answers to our stakeholder questionnaire.

The main goal of the questionnaire was to gather oppinions concerning R&D in Serbia from as wide a range of stakeolders as possible: from representatives of the Serbian Government, of regions and local municipalities, of the business community, of the research and education sector, of the army and military industry, of the academy, the diaspora, of research and development institutions, of NGO's, media, and individual citizens. An additional goal of this ambitious endeavor was to initiate a comprehensive social dialogue regarding the type of R&D sector we wish to build in Sebia. The questionnaire was sent out in June 2013 to more than 20 thousand individual addreses. In the following weeks we gathered and analysed 2236 compeleted responses.