The Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB) has in the past five decades grown into a research leader in Serbia and the surrounding region. We take pride in this accomplishment, yet we share the belief that we are capable of so much more. Too often, past achievements emerged from ad hoc alliances and individual initiative. For this reason we seek to begin a new era for our institution with the forging of a ten-year Strategic Plan for IPB that seeks to: (1) harness all of our strengths in a coordinated way, (2) transform IPB into a globally recognized center of research and innovation, (3) restructure the institution to run like an enterprise.

For the past two years IPB has participated in a wide-ranging process designed to develop an overarching plan for the institution. Key help in realizing this has come through the Serbia Innovation Project, a project funded by the EU on behalf of the Serbian Government and implemented by the World Bank. The joint effort has involved many of our stakeholders, external experts, as well as our alumni, students, researchers and staff, all sharing marked enthusiasm for the future of IPB as a research and innovation leader. The resulting strategic document will give precise details of where we want to focus our considerable talents, and the progress we expect to achieve.

Modern research centers share a common mission to solve society’s greatest challenges, and answer its enduring questions. Each institution brings its unique assets and experiences to that task. The success of our strategic plan demands that we identify and appreciate the aspects of our institution that distinguish it from all others.