Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević, Research Professor
Director of the Institute of Physics Belgrade

Education and reserach

Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević was born on June 2 1960 in Belgrade. He is married and has two children. He attended primary and secondary schools in Belgrade and New York. Bogojević graduated summa cum laude from the University of Belgrade in 1983 with a BSc in physics. He then continued his graduate education in the US, obtaining an MSc from Columbia University in 1985 and a PhD from Brown University in 1989. His PhD thesis advisor was Prof. Antal Jevicki, and the thesis title is “The Chern-Simons Structure of String Field Theory”.

During his graduate studies at Brown, Bogojević gave lectures in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics substituting for Nobel laureate Prof. Leon Cooper and spent two months as a guest researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton. He continued his postdoctoral studies at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen where he was Niels Bohr Fellow from 1989 to 1991. During that period he visited and gave seminars at several US universities including MIT, Harvard, Brown and U. Florida. At the end of his stay in Copenhagen he organized the first Danube Workshop (an international workshop in high energy physics) at the Institute of Physics Belgrade.

Since 1991 Dr. Bogojević has been permanently employed at the Institute of Physics Belgrade. He is now a Research Professor at this institution. His research interests include: quantum field theory, gravitation and cosmology, modeling and numerical simulation of complex systems. He is the author of more than 60 research publications and two textbooks in quantum field theory. He is also author or coauthor of four other books, editor of a monograph, as well as author of a large number of popular science essays. He has been thesis advisor for one PhD, four MSc and a large number of BSc theses. In 2007 he was awarded the IPB Prize for: “his contribution to the development of a new method for calculating path integrals in generic nonrelativistic many particle quantum theories”.

Administrative and organizational experience

Dr. Bogojević is the Director of the Institute of Physics Belgrade. He is a member of the Senate of the University of Belgrade, and Chairman of the Governing Board of the Serbian Physics Society.

From 2012-2014 he served as Deputy Director of the Institute.

As of 2012 he has been coordinator of IPB participation in the Serbia Innovation Project (Government of Serbia, European Union, World Bank) tasked at strengthening Serbia’s R&D capacity. In April 2014 he organized the high profile meeting “Future of Science in Serbia” whose main task was to set up the basis for a national consensus regarding the societal relevance of Serbia’s science and technology sector.

In addition to his IPB commitments, from 2011 to 2014 Dr. Bogojević served as Executive Director of the Education Forum, an NGO dealing with educational reform in Serbia. During this period he coordinated a regional UNESCO project “Alleviating the Problems of Braindrain”, and a UNICEF project “Optimization of the Network of Schools in Serbia”.

Dr. Bogojević is one of the founders of the Scientific Computing Laboratory at the Institute of Physics. Since 2006 the laboratory has been recognized as an EU Center of Excellence in the fields of supercomputing and the modeling of complex systems. The laboratory has grown into the Center for Complex Systems. As of 2014 the Center has been accredited as a National Center of Excellence administering the PARADOX 4 supercomputing facility.

Dr. Bogojević has coordinated sub-projects within national research projects ON141035 ON171017 and III43007. He was one of the coordinators of the FP6 project CX-CMCS (2006-2009). In addition he has been actively engaged in a number of international research projects including: FP6 projects EGEE-II, SEE-GRID, SEE-GRID-2, and FP7 projects SEE-GRID-SCI, HP-SEE, PRACE-1IP, EGI-InSPIRE, PRACE-2IP, PRACE-3IP, AgINFRA.