National research projects managed by other institutions:

National projects managed by other institutions cover 17.1% of the engagement of researchers from IPB in the period from 2011 till 2014. Full-time equivalents (FTE) for IPB researchers are given in parenthesis.

  • OI171002 - Nuclear Research Methods of rare events and cosmic radiation (5.33)

  • OI174031 - Application of computer technology in experimental solid state physics (2.00)

  • OI171016 - Atomic collision processes and photo-acoustic spectroscopy of molecules and solids (1.83)
  • OI176002 - Influence of collisions on the absorption spectra in astrophysical plasmas (1.83)
  • OI174012 - Geometry, education and visualization with applications (0.75)
  • OI173052 - Bio-informatics methods for detection of promoters and theoretical modeling of genetic circuits (0.67)
  • OI176021 - Visible and invisible matter in nearby galaxies: theory and observation (0.33)

  • OI173028 - Mineral stress and plant adaptation to marginal agricultural land (0.25)
  • OI171028 - A new approach to the problems of the foundations of quantum mechanics in terms of applications in quantum technologies and interpretations of signals of different origins (0.17)
  • III43007 - Study of climate change and its impact on the environment - monitoring the impact, adaptation and mitigation (11:00)
  • III41028 - Integrated regional studies identifying genetic risk factors and environmental risk factors for non-communicable diseases in humans in the population of Serbia (2.50)
  • III43002 – Bio-sensing technology and global systems for continuous research and integrated management of ecosystems (1.67)
  • III44002 – Astroinformatics: IT applications in astronomy and related disciplines (1.17)

  • TR37019 - Electrodynamics of the atmosphere in urban areas of Serbia (0.17)